Hand Made Meditation Stools

  • The Stools measure 16" wide by 9" deep.
  • The stools sit 2" off the floor.
  • Feature a 1" curved raise from the front to the rear of the stool.

     I was initiated into Kriya Yoga about 12 years ago and over the years have practiced my meditation with a certain amount of discomfort which tends to distract me from my focus on spinal breathing. This meditation stool has allowed me to sit in a lotus or a half lotus for extended periods of time facilitating a better meditation. The stool gives just enough elevation to staighten the spine and encourage proper posture.

If you have any questions or would like to place an order,
please do so by calling me directly at 808-966-4763.

Paypal Accepted

I designed this table (24" by 50" by 15" tall) to utilize the meditation stool as a dining
chair. The table dismantles with 4 bolts for easy and economical shipping . All hardware and
tools needed for assembly are included. The glass top is 3/8" thick wth sanded edges and if
ordered in your area would also reduce the cost of shipping and eliminate the chance of breakage.

Table with glass.....$750.
Table without glass..$550.

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