Bar Stool Gallery


In 1989 Koehnens Interiors in Hilo contacted me to design and construct a simple barstool.
I have been making them for eighteen years now and the demand
still remains high. Superb craftsmanship, combined with comfort and durability these
barstools have remained one of my best selling pieces. They come with or without
backs. The seats consist of 8 slats that contour to your okole' and form a 16" by 16"
sitting area. Most bar counters are either 36' or 42" usually needing a 24" or 30"stool.
At least 80% of my stool orders are this height. However, requests for 26" and 32" are
not uncommon as counter heights as well as personal preference may vary.
With the exception of a 17' stool, which is nice to have for that extra seat at the
dining table, height has no bearing on the price.

Please see the Ordering Page for pricing info or if you would like to place an order. I am also available directly via email at


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